The Goal Achiever

To bridge the gap that exists between setting a goal and goal achieving, a strong program name “The Goal Achiever” has been created by Bob Proctor. This program enables you to understand and learn exactly how a goal should be set, and what should be done to achieve that in a timely fashion.  Almost immediately after you complete this program, you will start feeling the changes in your real life. If you are ready to stop dreaming and ready to a live an awe-inspiring life, then The Goal Achiever is the perfect program for you to get started with.

When you start believing that you can thrive and achieve all your goals, then you are on the path. This success system is just that source to show you the path. The Goal Achiever program has 8 audio CDs, a workbook along with a Goal card. This success system will make you believe that any goal of your choice can be achieved through a proper strategy.

The Goal Achiever will show you the following:

* YOU will learn to follow an approach to discover what YOUR desires are, and why you want to achieve them.

* Figure out what went completely wrong in your previous attempt to achieve that goal. You need to know the things that are not letting you reach your specific goals and all the conditions that need to be eradicated.

* Discover the Universal Laws that need to be followed in order to let the success in.

* Set goals on the basis of your priorities.

* Be very sure and confident about your main goal.

In order to be a successful goal achiever, you must have a thorough understanding of the above secrets.  Behind every goal, there needs to be a timeline set for it. This timeline will encourage you to achieve your goal within that specified term.

Bob Proctor possesses 30 years of success to back up the concepts of The Goal Achiever. If you are ready to transform your current life into an entirely new one, then this system is a must have so you can learn how to make the transformation.

You no longer have to run away from your failures. Just don’t look back at them. Set up new targets, and gather all your concentration towards their achievement.

How Our Conflict over Money is Keeping Us from Becoming Wealthy

When I walk into a room filled with 100 people and I ask the question “Who here would like to make more money?” I know at least 99 hands will go up.  The one hand that didn’t go up probably didn’t go up because they were too busy texting and didn’t hear the question.  Of course there is also the occasional person that will say “I just want to do what I love and what makes me happy”.  After asking this person a few key questions, they also realize that in order for them to do what they love, they will need more money.

So here is how the conflict goes:

People who have a lot of money, that are financially free and have been extremely successful in business are severely criticized by those who have been unable to create wealth.   I would go as far as to say as that some of the “Have Not’s” hate the “Haves”.  Do you see the conflict here?  So what this does is causes your subconscious mind to want to stay with the people you like- the “Have Not’s” and stay away from those you criticize, the “Haves”.  Since it is your subconscious mind that controls your actions, you behave in a way that will insure you remain a “Have Not”.

If this sounds familiar to you have 2 choices.  You can either:

  1. Be satisfied with being a “Have Not” or
  2. Change your attitude toward the “Haves”

Which one will it be?

How Important Is Mindset?

For the last 3 days, I have been in a workshop, with about 200 other people focused on internet marketing.  The 2 main speakers have already achieved a high level of success at a very young age.  All the participants were there to learn more about how to improve their business.  We were all waiting with baited breath to learn how to ramp up our business and increase sales.

So guess what the topic was for their first session –  It was MINDSET!!!!  They covered the importance of mindset and without the proper mindset it is impossible to succeed.

Now when it comes to talking about the topic of mindset, I do see a common thread.  It is always the truly successful people who become passionate about the topic.  So why is that?  I believe the reason they are so passionate about it is they know for a fact that without the proper mindset, they would not have been able to achieve a high level of success.

So if you are truly looking to achieve success and it has always been eluding you, it might be time to do an honest evaluation of that marvelous mind of yours.

To Your Success!

What is a Life Coach?

A professional life coach can help you with whatever issues you are dealing with in your life. You may want to get help and support in relationship problems, career and work issues or domestic situations, or you may want to develop self-esteem and confidence or increase your income. Some coaches focus on certain aspects of life and others work in all areas. Life coaches can help you to look at whatever areas in your life you want to focus on, set goals and find ways to achieve those goals. A professional coach could help you to see what obstacles there are for reaching those goals and how to remove them.

If you are unhappy in your job, a trained coach could help you to make improvements in your professional life. These could include re-training and developing your skills in your present job, changing jobs, learning a new profession or just understanding what is holding you back on your career path. Many people want help in their personal life they may want to develop healthier relationships and get rid of destructive patterns from the past. Many people also seek help in relieving stress and in managing their time in a more balanced way.

A life coach will not tell you what to do, but will work together with you. You and your coach will co-operate to find the best ways of dealing with whatever issues you are hoping to resolve. Most coaches combine several techniques to help you to create a more balanced, fulfilling and abundant life.

Who Needs a Life Coach?

As a Life Coach, the 2 most common questions are “Who would need a Life Coach?” and “Do I need  a Life Coach?”  And my answer is this – take your index and middle fingers and place them on your wrist where your artery runs.  Do you feel a pulse?  If the answer is “yes”, then you can benefit from a life coach.  If you don’t believe me check out the video of Mr Schmidt, the CEO of google, making the same statement.

It’s also interesting that we find it perfectly normal that if we participate in sports that we have a coach.  I am personally on a USTA tennis league.  Every single person on our team has a coach – everyone!  But not a single one of them has a Life Coach…yet.  Now isn’t that interesting?  So let me ask you this – Is your tennis game more important than your life?

Now the reason everyone has a coach in tennis is they want to win their matches and play better tennis.  So if you are one of those people who doesn’t know what a Life Coach is, a Life Coach will improve your game of Life.  We can help you realize your goals (or set them if you don’t have any).  We can show you how to increase your wealth, land that dream job, improve your relationships, and improve your health.   So what would that be worth to you?

Now this, my dear friends, is truly priceless.

Law of Attraction Webinar with Business and Life Coach Simone Mancuso

Simone Mancuso

On March 14, 2012 at 9pm, I will be hosting a complimentary webinar called “Why Do Some People Attract Wealth While Others Repel It? Which One Are You?”  It will be about 45 minutes of content covering some of the beliefs people hold that are keeping the wealth they are working so hard for away from them.

Most people fall in 1 of these 3 categories

  1. You know what to do but fail to take action (this unfortunately is the biggest group)
  2. You work really hard but never seem to get ahead.
  3. You work no harder than the people in group #2 or maybe even less and you are making more money than you imagined possible (this group is only about 3% of the population)

I don’t know about you, but I believe group #3 might be living the richest, most fulfilling life.  They are achieving one goal after another.  They are generous and help those in need.  They have great relationships and are happy!

If you are not sure which group you are in, this might help:

  • If you know you should join the webinar and you do not register, you are in group #1
  • If you are working really hard but still not living in your dream home, driving the car of your choice, you are in group #2
  • Those of you who are in group #3 know who you are.

The first step to getting into group #3 would be to register right now.  I will be sharing with you some of the secrets to success that everyone in group #3 knows. Take action now!!!!  Aren’t you worth it?


The Law of Attraction and How to Attract Money with Success Coach Simone Mancuso

When did money become the bad guy?  I just saw another post on Facebook where money was being criticized.  I want you to take your money out of your wallet and look at it.  Is it behaving badly…doing evil?  No, it’s probably just sitting there like your cup of morning coffee.  It’s totally inanimate.  So how has this inanimate object become the root of all evil?

The majority of people wish they had more money, right?  After all, that’s probably why you are reading this blog. It may even be a goal of yours. And yet, a huge population believes that money is the root of all evil.  Money doesn’t grow on trees.  In order to accumulate an abundance of money, you have to screw someone else out of their share.  People who have a lot of money are greedy.  They are crooks.  And on and on…

So if you share the belief that money is the root of all evil, how or why do you want to attract something that is evil into your life?  Why do you want to become one of those greedy crooks?  The answer is that you can’t attract an abundance of money into your life if you have any of those beliefs.  If you would like to become financially independent, you must discard these old thought patterns. This is where a good coach comes in.  These old mindsets need to brought into your awareness in order to change them.

What most people get confused is that money is our servant and not vice versa.  When we become money’s servant that is when things go awry.  In a healthy relationship, people control money, not the other way around.  In order to attract money into your life, you must have a healthy relationship with money.  Start to look at all the good that money can do and always remember, you love people and use money.  You must have positive thoughts about money.  Make sure you get that relationship straight.